Chronocon 490

The Chronocon 490 sailing registration unit has been designed to meet legal requirements. The Chronocon 490 is a system with the lowest possible installation cost. It is supplied with 2 sensors for mounting to the screw axle, which are sealed units to withstand submersion in oil and water. Fitting is very simple.

All necessary information is displayed in a LCD window:

  • Hours sailed and not sailed in the last 24 hours
  • Date and time display (presentation)
  • Sum of sailing hours per day
  • Screw revolutions plus ahead and astern indication
  • Ships registration number
  • Failure of alarms appear automatically
  • Operating in only necessary when searching memory,
    by “PAGE” or “+PAGE” functions
  • Fast page scrolling by continued operation of the PAGE keys,
    reaching up to 10 days a second or daily selection
    (by depressing once only?)

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