Vessels that operate with older systems can be upgraded or re-fitted to the latest software version.

The modular nature of our systems makes them particularly suited to replace existing functionality without costly re-design. Further upgrades and extensions can be done at any time.

We recommend you to ask for a quick check-up to assess whether your systems are still up-to-date. Perhaps you only need the latest software version, some additional mimics or our extensive trending option to make them sound and safe for the future.

Preventive maintenance helps to reduce the risk of equipment breakdown at sea. Yet if it does happen, our first priority is to get the system operating with minimal disruption for your crew.

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We can repair almost every Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or item ever delivered by CSI. Refurbished PCB’s are supplied on customer request, when available.

In case of obsolete items we also re-design PCB’s and alarm & monitoring units, irrespectively of their original manufacturer.

Spare Parts
Spare Parts are supplied on demand as long as the electronic components are produced.

Our spare Parts List can be downloaded here. When your CSI Item is not mentioned on the list, please contact us.

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