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Leading Technology

High-tech Alarm, Monitoring & Control solutions for all vessels and installations.
Our fully redundant DeltaMACS system is based on 45 years of experience and integrates nine independent modules that safeguard every ship’s function.

Optimal flexibility for all vessels

Our proven and highly valued systems meet all technical and safety requirements and are used by over 3500 vessels, from cargo vessels and yachts to heavy lifters and offshore installations. We offer our customers the latest technology and tailor made solutions for the best price.

Our latest version DeltaMACS® The Next Generation integrates the full range of alarm, monitoring and control modules tailored to your ships needs.

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Select the right package for your ship:

Mimic Menu

Overview of all the mimics in your DeltaMACS system. The CSI Order number can be found on this screen. Please mention this number to our service department for support.

Alarm Screen

Overview of all the current alarms, descriptions and acceptance of alarms. The line layout is partly user configurable.

Group Overview

Channel overview grouped per installation or plant. The configuration is a user setting and can be changed by the Chief Engineer. Groups that have one or more channels in alarm are displayed in red in the groups menu.

Tank Measurement

Calculation of the actual height of fluids in your tanks. The raw sensor tank data in meters water column are calculated to the actual height in meters taking into account the gravity, sensor offset, trim, list and tank tables.

Exhaust Gas Monitoring

The exhaust gas module consists of a monitoring and a configuration mimic. The monitoring mimic gives a clear view of the deviation of the cylinder temperatures. In the exhaust setting screen it’s possible and easy to set the allowed deviation, average temperature, equalize and bypass cylinders.

Valve & Pump Control

The system can be configured and combined from basic tank gauging and instrumentation to remote control of valves and pumps, and to fully automated tank management system. Various types of valves & pumps, installed on board, are part of different subsystems. (They may be small pumps for lubrication and seal oil systems, medium size pumps for ballast and seawater or large pumps for oil export and water injection). All types of pumps can be controlled and monitored by our DeltaMACS system.

Anti Heeling / Ballast system

Our DeltaFlEX software controls the transfer of ballast water in between port and starboard side ballast for safe automatic or semi automatic operation of the anti heeling process. Our ballast system monitors the ballast tanks and controls the ballast valves and pumps.

Power Management

The Power Management System (PMS) is an advanced system for automation of power plants, including power management, starting and stopping of the diesels,and synchronizing of the generators.

FREE Trending Mimic

Trending tool to check and analyze data per hour, day, week or month. The value of each analogue channel will be trended every second and stored on an external hard-disk for 1 year. The trend data files are Excel compatible.

Continuous Upgrades

DeltaMACS software is highly flexible and can be continuously upgraded & extended to meet new requirements on board.

Great Visuals

DeltaMACS mimics offer 3D visuals of ships functions and are easy to read. Our Client Mimic Module can display customer specific mimics. Detailed visualizations of the Main engine, exhaust gasses, tanks, fire alarms, water tight doors, generators or anything else that is measured and controlled. Furthermore all properties, actual value and status of a channel can be displayed, such as values, set-points, bars, analogue gauges and channel texts.


Allround software

Drivers for interfacing with: Caterpillar Engines, Wärtsilä WECS & LCS, MAN B&W Engines, Thorn & Tyco Fire Alarm Systems, Profibus (Siemens S7), Modbus, NMEA data output to VDR, Prilog printer logger, are all available without additional costs.

For more available interfaces, please contact us.