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Recent projects


Heavy Lift Vessel (HLV) Svanen

Ballast Nedam designed the HLV Svanen specifically for the construction of the mega-structure ‘Storebaelt Bridge’, a 18 km long bridge which links the Danish islands Fyn and Sjaelland. The bridge’s pre-fab elements were so large and heavy that a floating crane was needed. To meet the heavier demands for the Canadian Confederation Bridge, HLV Svanen was enlarged and its lifting capacity further increased to an impressive 8,700 tonnes.


Vessel Management System (VMS)

The VMS monitors, controls and records a total of more than 3000 analog and digital signals of several systems on board of the jack-up rig. Systems included:

  •  Power management
  • Mud and cement
  • Preload
  • Lubrication and fuel oil
  • Water service for drilling and cooling
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Gas alarm and more