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CSI Control & Monitoring systems have successfully been re-fitted on many types of vessels including offshore supply vessels, rigs, tankers & yachts. The modular system set-up and flexible system configuration makes it easy to replace, and minimizes cost by utilizing existing field cabling.

Our system is designed to last. We offer new hardware that fit your bridge lay-out, and software that comply with the latest regulations. Our design strategy makes it possible to add new functionalities based on your needs or new regulatory standards.


The ALPHAPROM concept was the result of many years of practical experience in the development and production of high quality solid state electronic systems. The ALPHAPROM system was developed around 1976 and the last system was delivered in 1991.

Our solution:

We can still repair and supply PCB’s for the ALPHAPROM system. In many cases we are even able to do channel text changes. The B/W monitors can also be replaced by 12” up till 21” TFT/LCD flat screens with special interface.
For vessels equipped with our ALPHAPROM system that want to stay in operation for the coming 10 years, we recommend to refit to our latest control & monitoring system called DeltaMACS II. All diagrams of the original systems are available which makes a refit to DeltaMACS very cost-effective.



The ARP 5 system is a sequential event recorder which was mainly delivered to power & energy plants. The system has a resolution of one millisecond between all input changes. The maximum number of channels is 1500.

Our solution:

The programming is done on a visa terminal, which can be replaced by a PC with a terminal emulation program. The printer can be replaced by a computer with a logging program.


6700 Series

The 6700 series have been designed and developed specifically to meet industrial requirements for alarm annunciator systems. The 6700 system consists mostly out of one or more 19″ racks with CSI 6708 un-delayed or 6719 delayed input cards, 6707 group cards and a 6713 horn and flasher card. The CSI V552 is mostly used for power supply.

Our solution:

Several PCB’s have been re-designed and most parts are on stock.